‘Let’s bring back the blog.’

Alan Jacobs writing on his blog entitled The Homebound Symphony:

[W]hile many of the old-school blogs are dead and gone, a surprising number of them remain active, and still have a multitude of commenters. In turns out that social media did not kill blogs, but just co-opted the discourse about blogs. Once journalists got addicted to Twitter, they stopped paying attention to what was happening elsewhere — but that didn’t stop it from happening.


I don’t want to bring back the blogosphere, I definitely want to bring back the blog.


[T]his is the time for people to rediscover the pleasures of blogging – of writing at whatever length you want, and posting photos, and embedding videos, and linking to music playlists, all on your little corner of the internet.

Let’s bring back the blog. And leave all the bad things spawned by the blogosphere to social media, where they belong. 

I’ve been reflecting on whether blogging still has a place in my life now that many traditional blogs sadly no longer exist. Well, I still enjoy traditional blogs. I want to contribute in some small measure to the community of people who write and share for the joy of it.

This is a list of some of the blogs I enjoy reading. I will add to it over time and welcome suggestions in the comments.

Alan Jacobs is also on Micro.blog, which is a very nice community of people who blog. You can also follow me on Micro.blog.

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