Om Malik Fell out of Love with Instagram

Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash

It took Om Malik nearly ten years to run his course with Instagram.

Om writing on his blog in 2013:

[Instagram] is one of my most used applications. I open it about a dozen times a day, and like a few dozen photos daily, as I sift through lives of 333 people. Many are people I have never met, but they take me to magical, faraway places and I like that. I leave comments and when I have to spend a day away from it, I feel that my day was a little less interesting…

And in 2022, Om wrote that Instagram is Dead:

[What] used to be Instagram is now dead. It was a wonderful gathering place for photographers to showcase their work and build an audience. Not a day goes by when some photographer friend or the other bemoans how Instagram is no longer a place for photography.


Instagram is dead — or at least the Instagram I knew and loved is dead. It is no longer part of my photographic journey. 

Om now shares photos on his blog, SmugMug and Glass.

I share photos on a Squarespace site, Flickr, Instagram and this blog. Having said that, I’m not enjoying Instagram because it has so many reels and ads Still, it’s a useful way to connect with others. So many people are on Instagram.

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