Substack Won’t Ban Nazis

Eduardo Medina writing for The New York Times:

Under pressure from critics who say Substack is profiting from newsletters that promote hate speech and racism, the company’s founders said . . . that they would not ban Nazi symbols and extremist rhetoric from the platform.


The response came weeks after The Atlantic found that at least 16 Substack newsletters had “overt Nazi symbols” in their logos or graphics, and that white supremacists had been allowed to publish on, and profit from, the platform. 


“Deplatforming does seem to have a positive effect on diminishing the spread of far-right propaganda and Nazi content,” said Kurt Braddock, a professor of communication at American University who has researched violent extremist groups.

When extremists are removed from a platform, they often go to another platform, but much of their audience does not follow them and their incomes are eventually diminished, Professor Braddock said.

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