Swissmiss: Words to Live By

Tina Roth Eisenberg, a.k.a. swissmiss, expressing beautiful words to live by on her 50th birthday:

– Keep slowing down. (Notice how everything’s still happening? Nothing is breaking.)

– Remember to stay open. (Whatever you do, don’t close. If your body wants to close, lean into curiosity.)

– Notice what you’re noticing. (Embrace being fully present. Gently notice when I am not. Redirect.)

– Feel that!? (It’s the universe holding you. Say thank you!)

– Ask yourself: What if it was easy (Recognize openings and moments of ease.)

– Experiencing a hard moment? Instead of getting frustrated lean into: “Huh, isn’t that interesting!?” (Life bumps are your teachers.)

– You’re never stuck. (A belief is a thought we keep on thinking. You can change your thoughts.)

– See beauty in everything. (The magic is in you!)

– Declutter. (Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.)

– Say what you need. (People will still love you.)

– Talk to your plants and your house. (They can hear you!)

– Invest in linen sheets! (Celebrate and love on the things you own!)

– Truth always expands. (Pay attention to your body’s reactions to things.)

– Love is real. (It starts with you. Never withhold love.)

– Always follow the excitement! (Fun is a plenty good reason to do something, even in business.)

– Gently hold yourself to a high standard. (Always add that extra layer of love.)

– Soften even more. (You have to soften to receive!)

– Dance. (Look for disco balls. And, hang a few yourself.)

– Keep expecting miracles.

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