Why Personal Websites Are Important

Matthias Ott writing on his free newsletter called Own Your Web:

Having a personal website in 2023 is a superpower. It’s a place to write, create, explore, and share whatever you like, without limitations. It’s a playground to try out new things, tinker with new technologies, and build something beyond the ordinary. It’s a tool to make yourself heard, to participate in online discourse, create community, and make new friends. And, it’s a place to truly own your content and tell your story. It’s your personal home on the Web.

Venkatesh Rao:

Much of the social energy of the old internet has now retreated underground . . . . Except for a few old-fashioned blogs like this one, there’s not much of it left above-ground now. But there’s an odd sort of romance to holding down a public WordPress-based fortress in the grimdark bleakness, even as almost everything (including the bulk of what I do) retreats to various substacks, discords, and such. 

My thanks to Alan Jacobs’s excellent blog entitled The Homebound Symphony for bringing this nugget to my attention.

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